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  • Molecularly distilled, Ultra-pure and refined fish oil: Weheal’s Triple Strength Fish Oil Capsule is purified with molecular distillation which is one of the few current methods that can purify from heavy metals to below detectable limits for human consumption. Sourced from the premium sources of Omega 3 our fish oil capsules augment the benefits of your healthy lifestyle.
  • No Fishy Aftertaste – Our fish oil capsules are burp free and ultra-clean. Say no to fish burps and forget about the fishy aftertaste or smell of inferior omega 3 fatty acid capsules.
  • Effective Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil – Our fish oil capsules are extracted using advanced extraction technology which concentrates the value of omega 3’s. The EPA and DHA are in triglyceride form and are proven to be better absorbed form of omega 3 and thus are bioavailable.
  • Third party tested, Certifications and State-Of-Art Certified Manufacturing Facility: Weheal’s fish oil is tested for projected efficacy, product purity, label accuracy, ingredient safety and nutritional value. Manufactured in WHO-GMP, ISO certified manufacturing unit which is equipped with modern technology machinery.
  • Get 3x More Omega–3 Fish Oil Per Capsule –Our Capsules are gluten-free and NON-GMO. We concentrate are Pharmaceutical grade fish oil without the use of heat or chemicals and thereby our capsules are of exceptional quality.

Details of Triple Strength Fish Oil Capsules

If you wish to boost your general health, you should think about using Triple Strength Fish Oil Softgel Capsules. These capsules have high in omega-3 fatty acids that are found to improve everything from heart health to memory retention. There are several benefits of using Omega 3 Triple Strength Fish Oil Capsules. The anti-inflammatory qualities of omega-3 fatty acids have demonstrated and making them useful in decreasing joint pain.

This can be especially beneficial for persons suffering from diseases such as arthritis. Weheal has the most inexpensive pricing for Triple Strength Fish Oil Capsules. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to aid protect against cognitive decline and increase memory, and general brain function. You can buy Triple Strength Fish Oil Capsules Online at Weheal at the most affordable prices.


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